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Swami Vivekananda College, Chandkhira is affiliated to Assam University Silchar. Swami Vivekananda College is situated at Chandkhira P.O-Chandkhira, Dist. Karimganj and is surrounded by 7 (seven) Tea Gardens having population of SC/ST/OBC/MOBC etc communities. Moreover, the aforesaid college is also situated in the International and Inter-State Border Area of Bangladesh and Tripura respectively.

The  History of Swami Vivekananda College at a glance:-

Remarkable names of co-operator, sympathisers, as well as active workers signify the role of establishment of Swami Vivekananda College at Chandkhira, Dist- Karimganj, Assam .

  1. A man of high profile-Subhash Das, IAS. Deputy Commissioner, Dist- Karimganj, Assam .
  2. Sri Arun Kumar Roy, Ex. Headmaster, S. P. Roy High School, Sonakhira .
  3. Lt. Amalendu Kr. Dutta, Ex. Headmaster, S. P. Roy High School, Sonakhira .
  4. Sri Sujit Narayan Biswas, Bank Personnel, State Bank Of India .
  5. Dr. Sukhendu Shekhar Dutta, Educationist, & Ex- MLA, LA-2 Patherkandi.
  6. Lt. Madhusudan Tewari, Ex-Teacher & Ex-MLA , LA-2 Patherkandi.
  7. Lt. Gobinda Sinha, Ex-Teacher, Tinokhal L.P. School.
  8. Lt. Birmangal Sinha, Ex-Teacher, Burunga L.P. School.
  9. Lt. Matilal Kanoo. Businessman, Kalkalighat & Ex-MLA , LA-2 Patherkandi.
  10.  Lt. Lalmohan Paul. Businessman, Chandkhira Bhairab Bari.
  11.  Muralidhar Kanoo. Ex-Teacher, Kurtacherra 8 No. L.P. School.
  12.  Jayanta Kumar Kar. Ex. AP Member, Kalkalighat G.P.

      Later, join in the campaign as a co-operator

  1. Shree Haresh Goala, Chandkhira
  2. Sri Haripada Debnath, Kanaibazar (i/c Principal S.V. College, Chandkhira)
  3. Sri Pradip Kr. Dey, Karimganj (Principal S.V. Junior College, Chandkhira)
  4. Smt Uma Bhattacharjee, R.K. Nagar. (Vice-Principal S.V. Junior College, Chandkhira)
  5. Smti. Supti Dutta, Karimganj (Ex-Principal S.V. College, Chandkhira)

The College thankfully accepted the co-operations as lectures of the following :

  1. Smti. Bijoya Chakroborty, Udharbond
  2. Smti. Kajari Das. Silchar
  3. Sri Debo Prasad Sinha, Kailashar, Tripura
  4. Smti. Gita Kurmi, Isabheel T.E.
  5. Sri Topesh Bhattacharjee. Tripura
  6. Smti. Deborita Shyam, Karimganj.
  7. Smti. Sebika Das, Karimganj.
  8. Smti. Sanjogita Pashi, Champabari T.E.
  9. Smti. Shanta Bhattacharjee, Chandkhira.

And also thankfully accepted the co-operation as office bearers of the following:

  1. Sri Basanta Prasad Kanoo, Sonakhira
  2. Sri Basab Biswas, Medly T.E.
  3. Sri Uttam Rikhiasan, Chandkhira.
  4. Lt. Nirmal Sinha, Tinokhal.
  5. Sri Sewnarayan Goala, Chandkhira.                         
  6. Sri Dipan Acharjee, Kalkalibasti.                                    
  7. Sri Kanailal Das Kalkalibasti.                                                                                                                                      

The advent of Swami Vivekananda College is in-deed a fact of dedicative service that had been rendered by some noble minded persons of the locality . The remarkable dedicators, sacrificers are namely, Sri Arun Kr. Roy, Ex-Head Master, S. P. Roy High School, Sonakhira, Late Amalendu Kr. Dutta, Ex-Head Master,  S. P. Roy High School, Sonakhira, Late Lalmohan Paul, Chandkhira, Late Birmangal Singha, Tinokhal, Late Gobindo Singha, Late Ranendra Singha, Tinokhal, Sri Muralidhar Kanoo, Sonakhira, Late Madhusudan Tewari, Ex-MLA, Dr. Sukhendu Shekhar Dutta, Educationist, & Ex- MLA, Lt. Matilal Kanoo, Ex-MLA ,   proudly be called up the soul of Swami Vivekananda College . But Alas! Late Amalendu Kr. Dutta, had met the immatured demise on duty , affected by Brain tumer on the 18th November, 1998 . Sri Sujit Narayan Biswas, Ex-Teacher, writer and journalist Sri Bijit Kumar Dutta of Sonakhira, Sri Muralidhar Kanu, Ex-Teacher, Late Lal Mohan Paul, Businessman. Best of sympathizer and co-operator Sri Birendra Kishore Roy had been found in the same trend.

            This assimilation of noble personalities are indeed a fact of ‘Divine-gift’.

            The Draft Planning of Swami Vivekananda College had been continued since 1986, by Sri Arun Kumar Roy, Ex. Headmaster, S. P. Roy High School, Sonakhira. Next, come to the point of ‘Land’, in which Sri Sujit Narayan Biswas had a ‘Dialogue’ with the then Deputy Commissioner, Karimganj District, a man of high profile Subhash Das, IAS that, the issue had been raised up for the establishment of college Building. Mr. Das, D.C. , Karimganj participated in a meeting be held in 1986, in the campus of S. P. Roy High School, Sonakhira. The person concern of remarkable profile Ex-MLA’s Monilal Gowala , Late Madhusudan Tewary and Late Matilal Kanoo participated in the meeting.

            In foresence of Dignatories in the meeting Mr. Das assured for the contribution of required land and he allotted total 45 Bighas of land for S.V. College, from ceiling surplus land which was allotted from Chandkhira T.E to Late Bidyadhar Tripathy for Dairy Firm but when it had not been utilized for  Dairy firm for a long time, which is situated at Chandkhira T.E. under ATC Ltd. and Longai Vellay was re-allotted by the D.C. for S. V. College, vide his letter no- KRM/36/83-86/230-A dtd. 02-06-1987, in the anticipation of approval by Sub-Divisional Land Settlement Advisory Board, Karimganj.

            The Name of Subhash Das, the then D.C. is unforgettable in the history of  Swami Vivekananda College for the prompt establishment of college building on the provision of solvency of land.

            Then the labour recruitment and organization had been vested to Late Amalendu Kr. Dutta,  Muralidhar Kanoo, Late Birmangal Singha , renowned  educationist and Late Lalmohan Paul , Businessmen to come forward for solving the rising issues, such as to cutting of the jungles and levelling-down the land of college area. This was the time ringing in the Bell in 1987 onwards.

            In order to face the rising trend of the scenario, Lt. Amalendu Kr. Dutta and his teams had a contact to the General Manager of ONGC, Srikona, Silchar, Mr. V.K. Ragavan for mechanical co-operation by providing ‘Dozer’ and otherwise assistance for leveling down the tillah Land, Mr. Ragavan accepted the proposal and did so. It is to be noted that Mr. Ragavan first time did enhance the hand of sympathy and co-operation.

            On the December of 1987, spiritual guidance be renderd by Swami Vijoyananda, while he visited Sonakhira to participate in a religious conference held in the play ground of Chandkhira in presence of Dr. Sukhendu Shekar Dutta, educationist, Ex-MLA and Lt. Madhusudan Tewary, Ex-MLA The remarkable version of Swami Vijoyananda, the then president of Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Delhi, in regard of the establishment of Swami Vivekananda College, ­­­­–“It would he – it would be”. By this ironical speech, he rendered the unique energy to the markers of the college, undoubtedly, Swami Vivekananda College in later.

            We owe a debt of deep gratification to all sectors of people for their noble contribution and subscription for the development of college that led today in the list of provincialised category of the Government of Assam on the record of “Blue Ribbon” in the educational Sector.

            All Sections of people from rural to urban areas, especially Tea-Tribe communities had made the unique financial assistance. The Tea-Garden labourer of Sephinjuri Bheel T.E., Chandkhira T.E. , Lalkhira T.E. , Longai T.E. , Adamtilla T.E., Bubrighat T.E., Piplagool, Pathini T.E. and Champabari T.E. be advanced earlier to pay accumulated  payments from their weekly wages @ 0.50 paisa per worker, it had made a handsome amount of donation for development of the college. The land lord of the Sephinjuri Bheel T.E. , Late “JWALADOOT LOHIA” donate  his contribution led him in the golden history of Swami Vivekananda College. Mr. Rabi Lohia on behalf of the land lord of the Sephinjuri Bheel T.E. donate Rupees 40,000/- (Forty thousand) only to make one classroom 12ft x 12ft in the name of his father late “JWALADOOT LOHIA” which is shown in the second building of the college.  

            The college is fortunate enough for having three lady lecturers namely Miss Bijoya Chokroborty, (Bengali) Miss Kajari Das (Bengali) and Miss Gita Kurmi (Economics). The role of Miss Bijoya Chokroborty is unique and most remarkable in the sphere of all round development of the undergoing development of the college as the principal in the chair.

            In 1987, the college is continued to start in morning shift in the campus of S. P. Roy High School. The undergoing college is high-lighted by Lt. Head Master of the said institution Amalendu Kumar Dutta, and the students of our college appeared their H.S. final examination in S.S. College, Hailakandi (1st Batch).  After  sometime in running speed the Ex-Principal of S. S. College, Late Sailendra Sekhar Dutta has taken the charge of active principal in 1987-1988 as H.S. level. He has been remained in-charge for 3 years . In 1989- 1990 the Managing Committee of the College  constructed  one  theched  building containing 3 rooms on the existing land .In the month of May 1991 On request of the Managing Committee of the college Mrs. Supti Dutta has been appointed and taken the charges of principal . On dated 26/05/1991 M.C.of the college resolved that the First year B.A. classes  be started from the session in 1991-92 ( Resolution No- 4, dtd 6/05/1991,accordingly first year B.A. admission has been started from June 1991& the classes had already  been started and Mrs. Supti Dutta has been taken the charges of principal  both  H.S. &  Degree level, prior permission from the GAUHATI UNIVERSITY  for  B.A. First year ARTS stream from the session 1991-92,  And   B.A . Second year & B.A.Third year classes has been started prior permission from the ASSAM UNIVERSITY : SILCHAR from the  session 1994-95 &1997-98 respectively.  She remained in the chair  as long as the college turned into Provincialised by the Government of Assam  i.e. 2013. During the period of Mrs. Dutta as principal, the Governing Body appointed new lecturers such as Pradip Kumar Dey, Haripada Debnath , Uma Bhattacharjee, Sebika Das, Chandrani Das, Deborita Shyam, Bijay Lakhmi Dey, Topesh Bhattacharjee, Harendra Sinha, Rajib Gupta, Swagata Roy, Kollol Mohanta, Sultan Uddin Ahmed, Kanti Kumari Sinha, Sadhan Datta, Maynul Hoque, Subhash Sinha, Dr. Banobrata Aditya, Dr. Bijay Prasad Lohar, Dr. Santosh Akura etc etc. Sanjogita Pashi and Shanta Bhattacharjee was appointed as tutor on 1992, after qualifying their M.A. in 1996 S.Pashi and S. Bhattacharjee has been appointed as lecturer till today. And for office G.B. appointed Bashab Biswas, Uttam Rikhiasan, Late Nirmal Kanta Sinha,Chinmoy Chakraborty,Deonarayan Hazam, Debasish Roy ,Riaj Uddin, Dhrubajyoti Acharjee, Devashree Nunia, Sewnarayan Goala, Dipan Acharjee,Dilbahadur Thapa,Kanailal Das,Chandan Roy Ghatwar etc.etc. 

 The name of Dr. Sukhendu Sekhar Dutta, Ex-MLA Patherkandi is unforgettable in the history S.V. College for collecting of fund, Library Books, Ad-hoc grant, examination centre , Government concurrence H.S. & Degree level (1st Year , 2nd Year & 3rd Year Class) from the Govt. of  Assam, Permission , affiliation from Assam University : Silchar  etc. But unfortunately in the year 2003 according to Govt. Notification, college was bipercated into two parts. (1) Swami Vivekananda College (Degree level) and (2) Swami Vivekananda Junior College (H.S level). Smti. Supti Dutta remained Principal as S.V. College (Degree level) and Sri Pradip Kumar Dey was appointed principal as S.V. Junior College (H.S level) in the same campus separated by the meeting of the Governing Body held in 2003 of the College.

I like to mention here that our College accorded  First year Govt. concurrence in 1995, also accorded Second & Third year Govt. concurrence in 2000 from the Govt. of Assam, when Dr. Sukhendu Shekhar Dutta was existing MLA, of LA-2 Patherkandi Constituency and accorded  First, Second & Third year Affiliation in 1999, 2000 & 2002 respectively form the Assam University: Silchar. And the rest of the permitted / affiliated subjects accord Govt. concurrence in 2005.

In the year 2015, according to Government order received from the Director of Higher Education,Assam Kahilipara,Guwahati-19, in view of the retirement of Smti.Supti Dutta,Principal of the college, Sri Haripada Debnath, the senior most Asstt. Professor in the department of Economics of Swami Vivekananda College is hereby appointed as Principal-in-charge of the college till a regular Principal is appointed or until further order from the DHE Govt. of Assam.